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some news

in april 2019, shazza shop’s building was sold + sadly, the shop is closing. over the last few months, i have been talking with the new owners + learned their plan. rent is going up 45%, property taxes + building insurance are being added + long term leases are expected. the harsh reality is that as a new, small business, i cannot meet these terms. the landlord has found another tenant + today we came to an agreement for me to exit the lease early.

closing your business when you have put your heart + soul + sweat + savings into it is incredibly difficult + emotional. unfortunately, this seems to be a story that happens to many small businesses. so please, please, please support the small businesses near you. they are investing in your communities. they are your neighbors. they are definitely not doing it for the fortune or glamour. they are living a dream. they are adding heart + life + character to your neighborhoods.

i feel incredibly grateful + lucky to have had the chance to open my little shop + to have met wonderful customers + fellow business owners. many of both are now friends. i have also learned a lot. i don’t know what’s next for me or shazza shop. we are both in for some unexpected reinvention. regardless of this is ending, if you have a dream, go for it. you will have no regrets seeing your vision come to life + knowing you worked really hard to make it happen.

thanks for your support. thanks for shopping + loving shazza shop as much as i do. stay tuned to instagram + facebook for updates + just in case we pop up somewhere in the future.

sharon, aka shazza